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No matter what type of upholstery fabric you choose, at some time in its eventful life it will require cleaning. Some will require cleaning much more frequently than others. Allow our experts to take care of everything.

Flawless fabric and upholstery cleaning


At Carpet Master, we use a state-of-the-art ‘nano technology' upholstery cleaning process. This gets down to the dirt that you will not even be able to see with your naked eye - if you could, you would be on the phone to us now!

Nano technology for upholstery cleaning

 •  Fabric friendly products

 •  A reliable team here for you 24/7

 •  Competitive commercial prices

 •  Help around your whole home

 •  Book carpet and curtain cleaning

 •  Fast turnaround times

Our specialist technology offers a turn around you may have to try to believe. Unlike most cleaners who take 1-2 days, we can have your fabrics sparkling clean, dry, and ready for you to enjoy in just 2 hours.

Revive your upholstery and fabric, with one quick call:

028 9267 8811

What will I get?

How fast?

Cleaning is essential for maintaining a healthy home or workplace.  Contact us today about your particular requirements and how we can help you.

Clean your way to better health

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